Exploration Insights offers the sophisticated speculator independent and unbiased information analysis on the junior mining and exploration market. It is written and produced on a weekly basis by Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar, two veteran geologists and mining stock analysts.

Why Exploration Insights? Successful speculating in minerals exploration requires an edge: the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction. Through Exploration Insights, Brent Cook and Joe Mazumdar provide you with rigorous factual analysis based on decades of industry related experience in over 60 countries. These Insights are supplemented by extensive on site field evaluations of mineral properties. For an exploration speculator, there is no substitute for in-the-field experience to truly understand both the potential for a mineral discovery and the fatal flaws that make an economic discovery all but impossible.

Brent's and Joe's travel schedules permitting, subscribers receive a newsletter every week. The letter covers mining industry trends and provides detailed geological and economic evaluation of junior mining and exploration companies. Once a company makes it into our Exploration Insights portfolio we continue to provide updates and assess its progress, or lack thereof.